The art of modern storytelling

Illustration by: Asaf Ben Harosh from Power

Co-founding (with Roni Fahima & Shiraz Fuman), designing and coding Scrawl app, a prize winning, comics and illustration digital magazine for iOS devices.

Scrawl app front

Fun, beautiful and innovative, created solely for the digital platform, Scrawl integrates art & technology to offer a new and exciting way of storytelling.

Time-dependent illustration by Shiraz Fuman from Hide & Seek

Each issue revolved around a selected theme, was crafted with meticulous production and design and featured some of the most talented artists of the time.

Montage from various issues showcasing art by: Takuma, Noam Weiner, Roni Fahima, Shiraz Fuman, Tsach Weinberg, Aart-Jan Veneme & Shimrit Elkanati

Scroll, shake, scratch, tap, drag, loop, wait and much more. Scrawl had it all, and with two issues still waiting to get publish, it will surly return.

Excerpt from various issues showing art by (top-left to bottom-right): Shimrit Elkanati, Micah Lidberg, Ido Hirshberg, Aart-Jan Veneme, Ori Toor and Keren Taggar

Scrawl is a playground, where illustration and interactivity can “play” together. A safe place for testing new ideas.

Illustrated loop by: Roni Fahima from Power